About Us

Structural Repairs Ltd is a specialist building company based in Southampton, directed by Alex Meager BEng (Hons) MRes, who is qualified and experienced in both structural engineering and construction.

Qualifications and experience

Having studied Civil and Structural Engineering at both the University of Plymouth and the University of Southampton Alex spent several years in a design office as a structural engineer designing load bearing components for alterations and repairs of domestic property. Moving into construction he worked as a sole trader undertaking general domestic works before registering Structural Repairs Ltd with Companies House in 2006. With a background in structural engineering and general building Alex and his team now specialise in the implementation of remedial solutions to property suffering from structural defects and failure.

Benefits of a specialist company

There are several benefits to a client using a firm of builders that has in-house engineering capabilities, experience of professional construction services and who specialise in structural repair:

  1. All work is completed with an understanding of the transmission of loads through a building. Having a good understanding of load transmission makes it easier to modify and upgrade a structure without there being any detrimental effects. Whether it be the removal of a load bearing wall or the strengthening of a roof, an accurate on-site appraisal of the loads is essential. The more accurate the assessment of the loads within a property the more appropriate the repair and the safer the working environment during construction.
  2. Consideration is given to the most appropriate materials and engineering approaches to solve each problem. With us being able to work with both specialist building materials such as helical bar, GRP (fibreglass) and custom fabricated steelwork as well more common materials such as timber, concrete and uPVC we are well placed to design and implement a high quality solution.
  3. Awareness of the impact of building works on a client’s living space and hence the need for cleanliness and site safety. It is often the case that our building work generates dust and debris but we aim to keep our sites clean and tidy for the residents, our employees and any visitors.
  4. An ability to easily read engineers reports, calculations and site plans, to extract relevant information and to proceed as specified by the engineer, architect or surveyor. In addition to being able to understand the written works of professionals we are also happy to talk with them to either receive instructions or ask questions.
  5. A broad knowledge of the roles of property professions and tradesmen within the construction industry and an appreciation of the framework within which they operate. This leads to a more efficient utilisation of people’s time and a greater chance of important requirements being fulfilled. Where necessary we help our clients navigate their way through the services provided by construction professionals (such as architects, building surveyors, structural engineers, building inspectors and party wall surveyors) as well as assisting clients to source good tradesmen such as plasterers and carpenters if required for work after we have finished.
  6. Up to date with modern technology and techniques in all areas from tooling and Building Regulations through to communications and book keeping. By keeping up to date with advancements in technology, building practices and the regulations we are in a good position to pass on to clients the benefits of new and more efficient products and methods.
  7. We keep detailed records of all correspondence from the enquiry stage, through the contract phase and on to completion. By operating a paperless business, with all correspondence securely backed up online, records are available immediately whether it be for technicians and personnel on site or administrative staff in the office.