Bay Window Reinforcement

Bay window structures often need to be reinforced if the bay starts to sag or crack at the point where it meets the front wall of the property.  This is due to inadequate support to the bay, and may progress over time or be triggered by a specific event. The solid parts of a bay (the sections above and below the window frames) usually consist of brickwork, pebbledash, render or tile hanging.

Bay window problems

The movement in a bay is usually the result of 3 main factors acting independently or in conjunction with each other:

  1. Foundations under the bay are often less substantial than those of the main property and so suffer from differential settlement
  2. The walls of the bay are not adequately connected back to the main wall of the property
  3. Original timber windows have been replaced with inadequate uPVC that has no support in the corners

Fixing bay windows

We install a variety of well-established methods to reinforce a bay depending on the situation. The main features of most of the remedial solutions are to ensure the bay posts are adequately supporting what is above and to insert strapping to tie the bay back to the main property.

We are always happy to talk through your options in detail so please contact us if you have any concerns with your bay.