Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is made by fixing steel reinforcing bars into place before the concrete is poured on top. Timber shuttering is often used to form the shape of the finished concrete structure. The reinforcement helps the concrete to resist high tensile and compressive stresses.

Using reinforced concrete

An engineer or architect may choose to build a structural component from reinforced concrete because it is both durable and relatively cheap. We take the engineer’s designs, build the shuttering, fix in the reinforcement (having drawn up a bar bending schedule if necessary) and pour the concrete as per the specification.

Reinforced concrete is often part of a foundation design or larger scheme of works. We can complete the reinforced concrete component either in isolation or as part of a larger contract and we are happy to provide quotes as needed. As with all jobs that are engineered we find it easier to get a high quality result when we have an open dialogue with the engineer. We usually talk through the finer details of a design with the engineer before and during construction to ensure that it meets the specification and is built to a high standard.

Please contact us if you require the construction of any reinforced concrete, have some existing reinforced concrete that is failing or have any other concerns about your property. We are happy to chat on the phone, review your designs and meet face to face.

If you need an engineer to design you a reinforced concrete structure please click here to get contact details and quotes from local structural engineers that are associated with Structural Repairs Ltd.