Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure a healthy environment within a property and to look after both the occupants and the property itself.

Problems with insufficient ventilation

A lack of ventilation is one of the key causes of damp in a property which can not only ruin decorative finishes but also cause structural problems, and sometimes cause or exacerbate medical conditions for the occupants. Condensation resulting from poor ventilation can lead to mould forming on floor joists, in roof spaces, on internal walls and on plaster surfaces. In some cases mould is followed by wet rot and/or dry rot. Condensation will not form either if moist air is able to exit a building or if a room is heated to a temperature greater than the dew point (when condensation forms).

Improving ventilation

We install both passive and active air vents wherever they are required to encourage the flow of humid air out of a building. Our ventilation schemes are usually combined with modifications to a property’s central heating to give a complete and appropriate solution. The passive vents we install form an economic method of ventilation that connect internal and external air spaces, but are insulated to reduce the negative effects of cold outdoors air. We also install active ventilation systems that are triggered by the humidity levels in a room with the incoming air being warmed by means of a heat exchanger.

We install air bricks and roof vents to ensure air has a clear path to travel from one side of a property to the other, reducing condensation and preventing rot in cavities, floor voids and roof spaces.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about damp in your property or any other structural defect. We can sometimes give advice based on a photograph or telephone call. If it necessary for us to visit your property we can make an appointment that suits you.