Remedial Wall Ties

Remedial wall ties are used to replace existing wall ties which have failed or are causing masonry problems. They can also be added to cavity walls which were built without enough wall ties in the first place.

Why use wall ties

Wall ties are pieces of metal that join the outer skin to the inner skin and are required to prevent the external skin from bulging. In a typical cavity wall the internal skin takes the loads from the floors and roof and the external skin provides a watertight outer layer. In the past it was common to build cavity walls using wall ties made from mild steel, either untreated or galvanised. Over time these wall ties can corrode (rust) and expand. The expansion of the wall ties can weaken the masonry by pushing the bricks or blocks apart, and when the corroded ties rust through they no longer provide a link between the two skins of masonry.

Inspection and remedial work

We install Helifix remedial wall ties to resolve the problem of failed or inadequate wall ties. The appropriate remedial tie is specified following an inspection at which point other structural problems can be investigated. Our remedial wall ties are guaranteed by Helifix for 20 years with an ‘industry backed’ warranty scheme that is both underwritten and endorsed by the Consumer Protection Association. Existing wall ties are located using a metal detector and isolated to prevent them causing a problem in the future.

We complete impartial and evidence based inspections and provide a report of our findings. Please contact us to discuss any concerns you may have with your property.