Labour, plant and materials

When you choose Structural Repairs Ltd to complete a scheme of works we provide a reliable service, a safe environment for those on site, suitable plant and the correct materials to ensure the finished work has the required integrity and longevity.

Skills and knowledge

At Structural Repairs Ltd we have a thorough understanding of what is required to modify or alter a property in the most effective and sympathetic way. Using skilled technicians who know how to choose the right tools and materials for the job we are able to meet the needs of both the client and the property.

With an interest in technology, engineering and science we keep up to date with developments in materials, tooling and building methods.

Plant and equipment

We have a good stock of tools and equipment, with easy access to larger plant and machinery at short notice. Choosing the right equipment for the task at hand means a site becomes safer, the duration of the work becomes shorter, and the finished product is of superior quality.


We have trade accounts and good working relationships with both mainstream merchants and specialist suppliers of building products, which means that we can get the correct materials quickly and at competitive rates.