Drainage Repairs and Alterations

If any drainage problems exist it is necessary to have them investigated and repaired early to prevent the fault from getting worse and to maintain the structural integrity of your property. We can complete drainage repairs and alterations either as part of a larger scheme of refurbishment or as a standalone contract.

Problems caused by faulty drains

Drains in poor condition not only get blocked more frequently but also have the potential to cause subsidence in a property. Water leaking from a damaged drain washes the fines from the soil causing foundations to settle. The settlement of foundations usually results in cracks to the masonry above so it is sometimes necessary to combine the replacement of drains with other remedial work such as helical bar reinforcement, underpinning and repointing.

The types of drains that suffer the most are made from either vitrified clay or concrete and mainly fail either by root penetration, displaced joints, settlement or cracking. Unpleasant smells inside or outside your property can sometimes indicate a drainage problem that needs to be resolved.

Fixing drainage problems

All drains can be checked before work is started using our CCTV drainage camera. This determines the condition of the drains, the location of any defects and the extent of any necessary remedial work.

Faulty drains are usually dug up and replaced with PVC pipe, laid to the correct falls and surrounded in pea shingle. It is sometimes necessary to install additional inspection chambers, surface water channel drains for rain water, new soil vent pipes (stacks), gullies, rodding eyes and air admittance values (Durgos).

We are available to discuss any concerns you have about your drains or any other structural defect, so please contact us.