Damp Proofing and Injection DPC

Damp problems can occur in all types of property of any age. Damp can cause cosmetic problems such as peeling paint and water marks, as well as leading to mould, fungal growth and possible health concerns.

Causes of damp

Damp in a building comes from 3 main sources:

  1. Rising from the ground
  2. Condensation in the air
  3. A specific problem such as a leaking gutter

One of the more common causes of damp, especially in older properties, is where the cavity in a wall gets bridged by debris.


Specific sources of damp can also come from a poorly maintained roof, failed flashings and leaking water pipes.

Finding the source of the damp

Finding the exact cause of damp starts with an inspection and assessment of the most likely sources. If no obvious cause of damp is apparent, as is sometimes the case, it becomes necessary to use a systematic process of elimination.

Solving your damp problems

We are experienced in diagnosing the causes of damp and are skilled in the latest remedial techniques.

We can clear cavities on an entire property or in isolated locations as necessary. The cleaning of a cavity in an old property is often completed in conjunction with the installation of an injection damp proof course (DPC) and vice-versa.

Structural Repairs Ltd undertakes roofing, plumbing and drainage repairs to help you keep your property watertight and free from damp, and we can repair and add ventilation to your property.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about damp in your property, such as rising damp, rotten timber, mould or water stains.