Concrete Repair

Concrete repair can can be an effective way to deal with problems caused by failing concrete. It can reduce the time, costs and disruption caused by demolition and rebuild.

Concrete failure

When concrete fails it usually loses its strength and shape, potentially becoming inadequate for its intended purpose. The obvious signs of failing concrete are cracking, spalling (pit-marking or erosion of the surface exposing the aggregate underneath) and exposed or rusty reinforcement.

Concrete fails for several common reasons:

  • Steel reinforcement rusts and expands
  • Abrasion / erosion from traffic or water
  • Freeze-thaw action
  • Overloading
  • The concrete was made using a chemically reactive ballast

Repairing concrete

Modern repair systems offer high performance solutions to the common problems faced by concrete. It is usually possible to restore the integrity of a concrete structure in-situ and hence remove much of the disruption associated with a large scale overhaul.

If you have any concrete that is exhibiting signs of distress please feel free to contact us. We often give advice based on a photograph or telephone call but we can also visit your property if necessary.