CCTV Drainage Surveys

Drains can leak or block for a number of reasons. A faulty drain can be worse than just being a nuisance because if it runs close to a property it can cause subsidence. Water leaking from a drain can wash the fines out of the soil and, if it happens near a foundation, the result can be subsidence.

Checking for drainage problems

One of the main ways to check the condition of a drain is to push a camera along its inside with the picture relayed to a screen above ground. By reviewing the footage it is possible to identify defects such as cracks, displaced joints and root penetration.

We also carry bungs to complete water tests, in both 100mm and 150mm diameter, dye to detect the route of a drain and a gulley camera to inspect tighter drainage arrangements.

If there are no inspection chambers or rodding eyes for us to gain access we can expose the drains by digging a pit, cutting into the drains, and making good afterwards.

Reporting on drainage problems

We complete drains surveys either as one-offs or as part of a larger scheme of works for either the property owner or the property owner’s engineer. All drainage inspections are carried out on digital recording equipment and video footage can be supplied on DVD, USB data stick, SD card or online depending on what best suits the client. A written report can be provided on completion.

The drains footage is in full colour and self-levelled (top of the screen is up) with a distance counter visible at all times so any defects can be located from the surface of the ground. We can work under the supervision of a professional or independently as necessary, with the ability to phone and email findings from site if an urgent result is required.

Stand-alone and integrated surveys

Whether you require a CCTV drains survey as part of a more involved assessment of a property or as a stand-alone investigation we complete drainage surveys for both the property owner and construction professional.

We carry CCTV inspection equipment on request when attending a site for an engineer and can combine a drainage inspection with any of the other investigations such as: hand auger soil sampling, trial pits, and invasive ‘opening up’ services.

Having CCTV drains inspection equipment available at all times can be useful whilst completing a scheme of remedial works for a property owner. In situations where the drains are not initially considered, but where a problem becomes apparent as works progress, we can easily and quickly inspect the drains so any repairs can be completed at the correct stage.

Please contact us if you would like a CCTV drains survey or have any other structural concerns.